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Public Relations can help your company by enhancing your profile and reputation, steadying the ship through the tough times and driving sales during the good times.

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As with all marketing objectives, it is of vital importance to split the ultimate aim into sections. Creating synergy between all marketing activities ensures a joined-up approach to all marketing efforts from initial strategy to campaign execution.

We are well versed in all aspects of public relations, be that content for press releases, your website, your print material, media handouts etc. We have in-house specialists in Media Relations, SEO, and Social Media. We have attended and addressed many events and exhibitions both with and on behalf of our clients.

Unique Narratives

We enable the creation of content that reflects your story. This requires the development of unique narratives that prompt potential audiences to want to read your content. By driving engagement, we create a desire for your products and services which leads to an increase in sales.

Our primary aim is to provide an excellent return on investment (ROI) for you.

Brand Awareness

Don’t be a Sheep; don’t just copy what other people are doing.

Our Marketing and PR services are both creative and innovative. Make a stand and shout about what makes you different to your competitors.

All required design work for your campaign will be completed by our in-house design team, in-line with your existing branding to encourage a clean and succinct experience for your audience. (However, if you feel it’s time for a rebrand, we can help with that too). We can arrange the production of campaign materials at the most cost effective price.

Press Releases

Our PR team have an excellent track record with both local and regional press, online and print. You want your story out there and we help you achieve that; we get your story heard. You should also note that we retain an extensive portfolio of print clients. From business cards and leaflets to 48 sheet billboards, we’ve got oodles of experience with both, and everything in-between.

Increased Sales

From the provision of lead generation, to lead conversion optimisation, our goal is simple…

We will strive to increase your sales and make your sales process as efficient as possible. Each and every sales campaign we plan and deliver will have a clear and definitive line to meet ROI. You will be able to work directly with your own account manager who will oversee the entire campaign, thus ensuring that all elements of the campaign are complementing one another, effectively as ‘one voice’.

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