Harmony: The information system for agencies

Harmony MIS is, at its core, a client and job management platform. Created for agencies, the Harmony MIS web-based system takes each job from quote stage through to delivery, logging time and reporting on profits throughout the entire process.

Introducing Harmony

Over years of experience in industry, our team have worked with a variety of information systems. It seemed as though every single one of them was slow and clunky. As a result, we saw this as holding us back and took to developing our own system. Our main goal: to increase efficiency in our business. Very quickly, we came up with the concept of Harmony.

We needed something which could manage our business in one place. A one-stop-shop for our client management, job management and accounting. A place where our clients can log in and raise support requests and see the progress of their job. Something we could access from anywhere.

Why are we telling people about Harmony?

There’s a very simple reason: we know that this could help to reshape our industry, so we want to offer it to agencies like ours for their own use. On a surface-level, it’s true that we are technically helping our “competitors” by offering our management tool for their use. But there’s a bigger picture than that.

Ultimately, businesses come and go. We could spend our lives trying to fend off competition for what, in reality, is very little gain. Look at this from another angle, though. With technology moving forward so quickly, why are agencies like ours stuck in the era of clunky software downloads and long wait times? We need to move with the technologies we develop, and Harmony offers the perfect opportunity to do that.

Okay, great… Where do I read more?

We can talk all day about what Harmony does and what features it offers, but there’s no fun in that. As the owners and creators, we just wanted to take a little time out to let you know about our new feature which could change the way you work.

You’ve probably guessed at this stage that we’re not going into much more detail here. If you want to know more about the project and find out if it works for your business, you can visit the website.

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