EnerSys ODYSSEY Battery

For our client, EnerySys, we were tasked with multiple phases to our job. Our job was to create a unified and centralised online presence for ODYSSEY Battery range in the European market. As the company owned by the American arm, we had to make the brand more appealing to European clients. However, we still had to keep things on-brand and clearly part of the same overall company.

Branding and Design

As part of the process, we had to redesign several icons and graphics to be more relevant to Europe. We needed an icon set for the categories of batteries, which required several new icons on top of the existing American set.


As well as this, some icons required a complete overhaul, such as the American T-nose style truck, which is not present in Europe, where the flat-nose style is used. Additionally, wording had to be changed in some graphics, such as “Pure Guts” in an American graphic. For the European graphic, we changed this to say “Pure Power”.

Website Design & Development

As the primary goal of this project was to develop a central online presence for the brand. This involved a from-scratch build of a website, for which we opted to use the WordPress platform. However, we had to keep the site consistent with the American site in terms of look and layout. This meant that the challenge was in market relevance of the content, as opposed to the design of the pages.


We are continuing to work closely with EnerSys on this project. We are currently in the process of reproducing multiple language versions of the site. The site must be as accessible to as many European clients as possible, which is also reflected in the fact that the site is WCAG compliant to level AA.


Our consultancy team are also proud to have worked with EnerSys on their Amazon shop for selling their battery range in a different way. While we do not run the store ourselves, we were instrumental in the initial setup. In addition, our job involved looking at the structure of the logistics, ensuring the internal order management processes are in place and physical administration of the Amazon store.

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